It goes up. It goes down. It orientates the slats regulating the entry of light. It closes hermetically.

Aluminium roll-shutter coloured in a wide range of colours wich can be produce even 2,75 mts width.

The orientation of the slat allow a perfect regulation of the light, an hermetic closing thanks to the conception of the slat and at the end, It rises completely.On the other hand, we obtain a good thermal and acoustic isolation thanks to a solid double wall profile that guarantees to save energy.

A few simple mechanisms and the solidity of the pieces give to this roll-shutter a reliability of functioning.

It is advised and It is adapted to all kings of construction thanks to the versions like, Super-Gradhermetic which is integrated into an existing box, Super-Bloc dedicated to the renovation marked and where there is no existing box and at the end Super-Complet which is integrated up to he window with his own box.



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